Dominican Republic Explore: Castillo Mundo King

May 10th 2023 in Travel
Dominican Republic Explore: Castillo Mundo King

Castillo Mundo King, Dominican Republic

SosĂșa, Dominican Republic

A German artist created this peculiar castle with a unique vision. It is filled with stunning sculptures and otherworldly art.

This hilltop castle in Sosua is a unique destination with a vast collection of peculiar artworks. The five-story building houses hundreds of unusual pieces, including alien-themed art, extraterrestrial messages, and at least four spaceships. Additionally, visitors can admire a sizable collection of exotic Haitian sculptures.

At 51, German artist Rolf Schulz left his hometown of Hamburg to pursue his dream of building a castle in the Dominican Republic. As a result, Castillo Mundo King was brought to life.

The artist started working on this project in 1990 and lived in the house without electricity or running water until his passing in January 2018. He used to entertain visitors with stories about UFOs and aliens before he died. Today, the self-built palace serves as an extraordinary museum of art.

The castle has five floors filled with hundreds of surreal art pieces, including an impressive collection of sculptures made by Haitian and Dominican artists. There are also carvings in stone and wood, paintings, and murals. Climbing to the top floor rewards visitors with a breathtaking Bay of Puerto Plata view.

It is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The entry fee is 300 DOP ($6). A local guide will walk you around the museum for a nominal fee.