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The Finalrentals Dominican Republic Story

Finalrentals is all about making the car rental process smoother and clearer for our customers, by omitting hidden fees and cutting out the middleman.  After years of building industry experience, we’re now expanding our partners across the globe and are proud to open Finalrentals Dominican Republic. We’re looking forward to bringing more people to this beautiful country and letting you take control of your adventure with our budget-friendly car rental options.

Found amongst the Caribbean islands, the Dominican Republic is a paradise of gorgeous beaches, spell-binding nature and landscapes and a vibrant culture you can’t miss. One of the largest Caribbean countries is home to over 200 beaches, perfect for a spot of relaxation in the tropical sun. However, adventure is always on your doorstep as well. With mountains to hike, beautiful waters to dive into and plenty of cooking and dancing delights, the Dominican Republic has it all.

Finalrentals Dominican Republic is proud to offer car rental options to help you discover the magnificent beauty the island holds. Buckle your seatbelts and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Uncovering The Dominican Republic's History

The Dominican Republic was one of the first sites for British colonisation after Christopher Columbus and his brother, Bartholomew landed here in the late 15th century. Calling it ‘Hispaniola’, which translates as Little Spain, it is now home to the oldest New World architecture and societies in the Americas. Because of this, it was a blueprint for colonisation across the continent.

Because of this, there is plenty of intriguing and historical architecture to witness, with many places across the island now UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Much of the Dominican Republic’s history was spent ruled by Spain, meaning there is a heavy Spanish influence wherever you go. From architectural remains such as the Alcázar de Colón palace to their cuisine and culture. 

There are even beautiful castles to discover in the Dominican Republic, truly making the country a fairytale location.

The Dominican Republic’s Lively Culture

Unsurprisingly, the Dominican Republic is a mixing pot of cultures. With British colonisation, Spanish rule and its proximity to Africa, the country has many influences. 

Family is quintessential to the Dominican Republic, making them excellent hosts to tourists and incredibly friendly to chat too.

As well as family, much of the culture is orientated around dance, especially the merengue. Famous around the world, merengue is incredibly lively and fast-paced and is usually performed on loud drums. We definitely encourage you to go see some merengue performances when in the Dominican Republic, or even take some classes to learn yourself!

It’s these core values, as well as their love of fun, that make us proud to have our Finalrentals Dominican Republic team. We promise to take care of our customers just as the DR people take care of their families. With 24/7 customer service, a wide range of cars to suit your needs and a friendly team to greet you, we can’t imagine a better location to suit Finalrentals than the Dominican Republic.

Embrace the Dominican Republic culture when visiting to truly make the most of your trip.

Food, Glorious Food

Another massive element of the Dominican Republic's culture is its cuisine. Packed full of flavour and colour, it's unmissable when on the island.

Finalrentals Dominican Republic can guide you through some of the best and most traditional Dominican Republic dishes you’ll encounter.

Let's start off with the national dish of the country, La Bandera Dominicana, which translates to The Dominican Flag. This meal is deliciously hearty and is made up of rice, stewed red beans and either chicken, beef or pork. Typically served with avocado or salad, the meal gets its name because it truly does resemble the Dominican Republic flag!

Street food is also common in the Dominican Republic, with Chicharrón de Cerdo or Pastelitos a tasty choice. The first is succulent pork pieces fried so they have a crispy outer layer whilst Pastelitos are pastry turnovers often filled with meats and cheeses.

With the option to return your vehicle to a different location, Finalrentals Dominican Republic encourages you to search the country for the finest food you’ll be begging to recreate once you return home.

Finalrentals Dominican Republic Is The Start To A Perfect Holiday

If you’re ready to start your own Finalrentals Dominican Republic story but don’t know where to start, then we’re more than happy to help you out. Though we’re experts in the car rental industry, that’s not where our limits lie and we’re constantly publishing blogs about the best things to do for whatever holiday you’re after.

In fact, we’ve even curated a list of our top places in the Dominican Republic so your vacation itinerary is sorted for you! Read all about our recommendations, which are: Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, Puerta Plata, Cabarete, Barahona Province, and Jarabacoa

Wherever you go in the Dominican Republic, there is plenty of adventure to be had. Whilst the beaches are perfect for relaxation, you can take a dive into snorkelling, surfing, scuba diving and other fantastic activities. Even if you would rather stay on land, there are plenty of hikes to do through the amazing rainforests with the opportunity to see some rare nature right in front of your eyes.

With all this on offer, Finalrentals Dominican Republic believes in giving everyone the chance to see this amazing island unlike any other. That’s why we keep our rates competitive to suit any holiday budget. 

Booking your Dominican Republic rental has never been easier than through Finalrentals. Our easy and clear booking system is stress-free, perfect for the atmosphere of this Caribbean paradise.