Explore: Why You Should Visit Santo Domingo

September 15th 2023 in Travel
Explore: Why You Should Visit Santo Domingo

Why You Should Travel Santo Domingo

With tropical weather, interesting history and even chocolate tours, here’s why you should visit Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Soon, you'll discover exactly what Santo Domingo is famous for and you'll book your trip in no time!

Santo Domingo is the Dominican Republic's capital and attracts a huge amount of tourism each year. Undecided about where you’ll travel on holiday next? Here are a few reasons why Santo Domingo should be on your list.

What Is Santo Domingo Known For?

Famously, Santo Domingo was the first colonial city. Back in the 1400s, Bartholomew Columbus arrived in the Dominican Republic and built a settlement there. This was the location of the first hospital, cathedral, custom house and university in the Americas.

Santo Domingo then became the blueprint for colonisation and the oldest constantly inhabited colony across the continent.

The city also houses the oldest Roman Catholic archbishopric in the Americas and the oldest university in the Western Hemisphere. Now, it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its wealth of historical importance.

Fascinating history aside, it is also the hub of the Caribbean, with rich culture, huge imports and industry.

The Santo Domingo Weather Makes It A Holiday Hotspot

We’ve already discussed how the Dominican Republic is the perfect winter getaway. So why would the capital be any different in climate?

Yes, Santo Domingo has a tropical climate all year round. Because of storms, the country is quieter during the summer. This means it's particularly popular in the winter season with tourists escaping the cold weather.

And why not enjoy the weather on some of the Dominican Republic’s famous beaches? Only a short drive from the capital is a plethora of beautiful beaches to really embrace the tropical paradise. If you’re prepared for a slightly longer journey, the Punta Cana beaches are especially loved but a bit further away.

Even if you’re not on its stunning sands, you can take in the Santo Domingo weather whilst wandering around its intriguing architecture; a mix of old and new.

Things To Do In Santo Domingo

Although we’ve given you a 2-week itinerary for the Dominican Republic, perhaps you want something more specific to Santo Domingo. Don’t worry - we can provide just that.

Columbus Park

Columbus Park in Santo Domingo

Famous for its large amount of historical monuments and buildings, including a statue of Christopher Columbus. Found in the main square of Ciudad Colonial historic district, it’s the start of possibly the city’s most famous street, leading to the oldest Cathedral in the Americas.

Plaza España

Alcazar de Colon, Plaza Espana, Santo Domingo

An especially popular location in Santa Domingo, you’ll not only find more fascinating history here, but somewhere to rest and a day wondering about.

Here lies the Plaza España which features the Alcázar de Colón palace and the Calle Las Damas, the oldest paved street in the New World.

More than that, there are also a plethora of cafes, restaurants and bistros to take respite from the warm weather and aching feet. Take a moment or two to do some people-watching, refresh yourself and even take some stunning photographs to remember your trip.

The Three Eyes National Park

Just 10 minutes from the Dominican Republic capital is the stunning Three Eyes National Park.

Three Eyes Lagoon Santo Domingo

Not your usual park, the site contains limestone caverns and lagoons of pure turquoise waters. The limestone cave system is open air and looks to be straight out of a fairytale; slightly different to the historic sights you’ll find in Santo Domingo city centre.

It’s because of the beautiful colour of the water that the landmark gets its interesting name, individually called Aguas Azufradas, La Nevera, and Las Damas. However, if you’ve got a bit of time and want a bit of an adventure, there is a secret fourth ‘eye’ accessible through a short bus ride.

Mercado Modelo

If you’re looking for another reason to visit Santo Domingo, then the Mercado Modelo is a great attraction. The largest market in the city, it's the perfect destination if the Santo Domingo weather has turned a little rainy, or if you just want a shopping day.

Caribbean figurines on shelf

Here, you’ll find enough trinkets and souvenirs to please the whole family with plenty of authentic Caribbean goodies. You can purchase cigars, jewellery, carnival masks and even little figurines to display back at home.

There are also lots of opportunities to try some Dominican Republic street food. Just be prepared to haggle as there is rarely a set price!

Santo Domingo is known for all the above and more, making it a great destination when visiting the Dominican Republic. Book your holiday today and get your rental car with Finalrentals.