Dominican Republic Activities: Your Own Willy Wonka Tour

February 6th 2023 in Travel
Dominican Republic Activities: Your Own Willy Wonka Tour

Dominican Republic: Best Chocolate Tours

Who doesn't enjoy the delicious taste of chocolate? This interactive tour will delight both your inner kid and your family. It will be a delectable pleasure to visitKahKow Organic Chocolate's world-class chocolate-making facilities at Santo Domingo.The tour will begin in the Holographic theatre, where various ghosts from the chocolate world will come to life. These friendly ghosts will recount chocolate's history since its inception to you and your family. You and your family will be able to learn about how chocolate arrived in the country and travelled throughout the world.You and your family will proceed to the Cocoa Plantation, where you can all feel like you're in the middle of the jungle and sample some cocoa fruit. Following that, you and your family will proceed to the Fermentation Room, where a guide will demonstrate to you and your family all the fermentation, drying, and chocolate-making processes.Following that, the instructors will challenge you and your family in the Sensory Room to use your five senses to identify each component that goes into delectable chocolate. If you or any of your family members correctly guess the components, you can sample various chocolate percentages of Organic Chocolate.The visit will conclude in the glass box on the Spanish Patio, where the tour guide will explain how the factory's equipment function to manufacture the finished chocolate. You and your family may enhance your visit by including the workshop at the end. You and your family may choose between two workshops: the Soap Workshop, where you'll learn to make your 'own' soap using a cocoa butter recipe devised by La Esmeralda employees, and the Chocolate Workshop, where you'll make your 'own' chocolate bar.


  • Interactive chocolate tour
  • Cacao bean tasting
  • Chocolate workshop (if option chosen)
  • Soap workshop (if option chosen)