Explore: Things To Do In The Barahona Province

September 15th 2023 in Travel
Explore: Things To Do In The Barahona Province

Found in the south of the Dominican Republic, the Barahona Province is a quieter area to visit. With spectacular nature and architecture, there a plenty of things to do in the Barahona Province. Here’s why you should add it to your 2 week itinerary for the Dominican Republic.

What Is Barahona Known For?

Barahona Province has the Dominican Republic's most diverse parks and ecosystems.

Often referred to as the ‘Pearl of the South’, lots of these areas remain fairly untouched by tourism. That means you'll get a bigger opportunity to see wildlife roaming freely. As well as this, the scenery on offer is awe-inspiring, with so many different sights to witness.

Famous for its beauty, the beaches in Barahona Province are often considered the best in the country.

What makes the landscape different from elsewhere on the Caribbean island is the cliffs running along the coastline.

The Nature On Offer Is Spectacular

Though Barahona is well known for its landscape, it's hard to imagine everything that the province contains.

Dry rainforests inundate lots of the land, but the humidity rises once you reach the Bahoruco’s Mountain Range. Here, you’ll find the Bahoruco National Park, an area containing a huge amount of wildlife. This is definitely a must-do if you’re a lover of nature.

barahona province coastline with rocks

Whilst the amount of flowers would be impressive enough, you’ll also find birds, lizards, snakes, and even small mammals living in the Park.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Dominican Republic without some white, sandy beaches next to the crystal shoreline. Though there is an opportunity for aquatic sports in Barahona, the area is more relaxed than Cabarete. Enjoy the stunning view beneath the cliffs as you relax, taking in the tropic sunshine.

Things To Do In The Barahona Province

Don’t worry, just because it's a little more relaxed doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of things to do in Barahona.

There’s An Interesting Nightlife

beach bar sign

First off, the province really comes alive at night, but possibly not in the way you think. Mostly occupied by locals, the bars and taverns that open in the evening will give you a truly authentic experience. Talk to the people whilst you enjoy a drink or two, learning the stories of the culture and even a traditional dance or two.

Make Some Marmalade

Whilst you might not associate it with the area, an interesting fact about Barahona is their love of marmalade! Whilst you can just enjoy it with your meals, you can also take artisan classes to learn how to make it like a local!

See The Architecture

Like the rest of the island, Barahona has a lot of historic architecture from when it was colonised by Columbus. The best place to see this is the cities, especially Barahona City. However, some of the most intriguing buildings come from slightly later.

Find the Triumphal Arch, the Barahona Cathedral, and the Palace City Hall in the province’s capital. You can also see the clock tower, as well as the Central Park.

Enjoy a coffee or two whilst doing some people-watching in a nearby cafe as you take in the terrific buildings.

Find some gemstones

The Dominican Republic has lots of gems beneath its surface which you can uncover. Found in the Bahoruco Mountains are the Larimar Mines - the only ones in the world.

larimar gemstone

A semi-precious stone, larimar is a stunning turquoise colour and is frequently used in jewellery across the country.

Explore the mines yourself with a tour mine operator and see the workers in action. Later on in the tour, you can select your own piece of Larimar and watch as it's crafted into jewellery.

Take a Tour!

With so much to see, there's a tour for everyone! Take in the wildlife by watching birds, crocodiles, or other creatures in action. Or, you can take a hiking tour through the different terrains and earn some deliciously authentic cuisine in the evening.

Whatever you want to explore, the Barahona Province will have a tour on offer for you!

There are so many things to do in Barahona beyond the reasons that it's known for.

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