Explore: Things To Do In Puerto Plata

September 15th 2023 in Travel
Explore: Things To Do In Puerto Plata

Top-Rated Attractions In Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata is the biggest city in its province and offers everything you could want in a dream destination. There are plenty of things to do and is close to stunning beaches. Known for its beauty as well as its adventure, take a deep dive into the Caribbean city in the Dominican Republic.

Gazebo on Puerto Plata coastline over looking the sea

What is Puerto Plata Known For?

Puerto Plata is known for a wide range of things, meaning it has something that will appeal to everyone. Like Santo Domingo, it has a lot of history associated with Christopher Columbus, evident in its architecture and museums.

It also has some breathtaking scenery, ranging from mountains, lush valleys, crystal blue waters and, of course, beaches. Just like Punta Cana’s beaches, they draw plenty of tourists every year.

The city’s beaches are particularly notable for hosting a range of water sports festivals throughout the year. If you’re looking to hit the waves, time your trip so you can compete! The beaches aren’t far from Puerto Plata and will make for a pleasant walk in the tropical weather.

Like the rest of the island, Puerto Plata’s weather is warm all year round. However, storms are frequent during the summer. That’s what makes the Dominican Republic the perfect winter getaway.

Puerto Plata Has A Rich History

Amber fossils against white background

The Dominican Republic houses the first university, hospital and paved streets in the New World. But even greater treasures were found on its untouched shores.

What first attracted Christopher Columbus to Puerto Plata were the glimmering clouds over the mountains. Proving that perhaps all the glimmers is gold, he found large deposits of the precious stone.

To this day, the soil holds clear amber, waiting for someone to uncover it.

There is plenty of history in Puerto Plata’s architecture as well. The city houses the largest collection of Victorian houses in the Caribbean. Travel back to another time as you wander around the homes. Then, go back even further when you find the fossils in the Amber Museum.

Things To Do In Puerto Plata

There are plenty of things to do to make the most of the Puerta Plata weather, landscape and activities. See which one of the following appeals to you the most!

Puerto Plata Cable Car Teleférico

Cable Cart in Puerta Plata

One of the biggest tourist attractions in the North of the Dominican Republic is the Puerto Plata Cable Car Teleférico. Travel to the Isabel de Torres mountain and float over the lush green national park. It's bursting with wildlife and an abundance of colour, so see what you'll find!

885 metres above sea level, you’ll get a once-in-a-lifetime view of the winding creeks and cave systems. Get up close to the Christ statue, as well as interesting avian species if you’re a particular bird lover!

Definitely one for those not afraid of heights, we think it’s worth doing even if you are a little scared!

The Coffee and Cacao Plantations

The Caribbean and Americas are famous for the coffee and chocolate export, so why not experience the process first-hand? Just make sure you try it whilst you’re in Puerto Plata; you won’t get it more authentic anywhere else!

Basket of coffee means. Bag of cacao beans.

Normally situated up on the hills, the trip makes for a worthwhile hike. Take in the impressive views, especially considering the Puerto Plata weather, and reward yourself with coffee and chocolate.

Learn how and when to pick the beans, and make your own coffee or chocolate to take home with you!

Embrace Some Cultural Experiences

The Dominican Republic is a hub of culture. This is largely owing to African and South American heritage with British influences through colonisation.

Two people holding hands merengue dancing outside

Embracing the culture should be a part of any holiday, and Puerta Plata has plenty to go around.

Merengue dancing is especially popular in the Dominican Republic. Find some friendly locals or take a class or two whilst you’re there. Not only will you have a fun experience, but you’ll have a new talent to take home with you!

If dancing isn’t your thing but you’re a sports lover, visit the Bartolo Colón stadium and museum. Here, you'll learn all about Pelota, the Dominican Republic ball game.

Of course, we recommend enjoying lots of authentic food when you’re visiting. In Puerta Plata, you’ll find delicious cuisine at the beach, fancier restaurants and through street merchants. Make sure you try it all!

Puerto Plata should definitely be on your Dominican Republic itinerary, whether you pass through or spend your whole vacation there! With so many things to do in Puerto Plata, find an activity you'd love to do and book with Finalrentals today.