Dominic Republic Activities: Damajuage Waterfall Adventure

February 8th 2023 in Travel
Dominic Republic Activities: Damajuage Waterfall Adventure

Best Waterfall Tour

Damajugua is the place to go, particularly if you and your family desire to experience the Dominican Republic's most breathtaking waterfalls. The vibrant jungle of the Cordillera Septentrional surrounds these cascades.

There are 27 cooling waterfalls ideal for you and your family who love conversing with nature, all while having an exhilarating day. The day will commence with you and your family boarding a safari-stle vehicle led by expert guides and drivers. Please remember that only 12 of the 27 waterfalls will be seen because doing all will take a lot of physical preparation.

Before you and your family can flow through natural water springs and relax in magical caverns, you will receive safety procedures. The distinctive bird life's wonderful song will radiate all along Damajagua River's banks.

There will also be a terrain of tunnels and chutes dotted around the waterfalls, with some reaching heights of up to 13 feet and somersaulting aquatic birds, so be on the lookout. You and your family will also be able to engage with Mother Earth as you experience an interactive rainforest trail excursion.

After seeing the La Virgen and La Tinajita and enjoying everything mother nature provides, you and your family will be treated to a classic buffet-stle lunch before going to Imbert and exploring the local market. You and your family can buy artisan items and crafts with a particular Dominican imprint at this marketplace.


  • Transportation from and to your hotel by safari truck
  • Experience guides
  • Buffet lunch
  • Equipment and instructionsNot suitable for
  • Children under 8 years
  • Pregnant women
  • People with back problems